Refund Policy

This refund policy is for the users who have problems with the order, product and package. ODUVIL will process the refund in 24-48 hours.

  • We will offer a full refund or a new replacement for the package that has been damaged during delivery.
  • We do not recommend the customer to return the item because the cost of shipping back the item may be even higher than the value of the product itself.
  • Most packages are shipped from China and it’s a long way to arrive at the customer’s destination, some packages may be damaged during delivery.
  • Some packages may also have customs clearance problems and can not be delivered to the destination because of a certain country’s customs policy.
  • We will try to help you to solve the customs clearance problem but not resend a new package again because it will not arrive either. Please learn about your buyer country’s customs policy before selling to the area.


A. Photos/videos of the damaged item. Please send us the materials to prove the damage.

B. Screenshots of the dispute, which include name, date and content. For example, a customer complaint/dispute raises through PayPal Dispute, e-mail, chat window, etc.

C. (Optional) Tracking number of the item. If ODUVIL asks for a return of the item, you need to send the tracking number to prove that you returned it.


NOTE:- The money will be refunded to the original payment channel (PayPal or credit card). Or it will be refunded to your account balance.


Oduvil does not suggest you return products. Because the shipping cost is high and sometimes higher than the product value. Also, it takes months to deliver the package, which will affect the processing time.

If you urge to return the product, please pay attention to the following aspects:

  • You need to return the product within 5 days after receiving it.
  • The product is in good condition and does not affect secondary sales.
  • You need to pay the shipping cost.
  • You can only return the product to the Oduvil warehouse.