Best stock market simulator apps apply to this niche since they help someone buy and sell shares from prominent India companies. The apps are essential for both beginners and those that are experts in the stock exchange market. You can either practice stock trading with fake money or cash, and paper trading is encouraged at the beginner stages since it reduces the number of risks involved.

The best stock market simulator app is depended on the ability to train and have clarity about which company is beneficial to the seller and the buyer. The virtual stock simulator is a game that beginners use to acquire the skills needed since paper trading proves insufficient and a low trading strategy. In this case, there is a possibility that you get a deeper meaning and realistic experience to maintain the volatility of the stock market without the involvement of real money.

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The Best Stock Market Simulator Apps in India

Using the best trading simulator is critical in understanding the various ways and strategies to become successful in the stock market. The virtual method is essential in saving since the money used is fake, and the risks of failing will not result in a loss. The best stock market simulator apps have a virtual capital used as paper trading and can be directly compared to the real money. The following are some of the best stock market simulator apps in India:

7. Stock Market Challenge

This app is a simulator game used by a buyer or seller to trade with others after creating a portfolio that resembles that of a real account. It makes actual transactions but with fake cash and the risks are avoided since the person is using paper trading. The virtual portfolio makes it easy to have real-time transactions that are essential skills in understanding the whole concept of stock market trading. The fellow participants are usually the same, and their focus being similar to yours makes learning easy, and almost Rs 10,00,000 are used. The option is essential for colleges that need realistic means of trading and a learning basis for the beginners since there will be no loss whatsoever.


  • It acts as a trading base and an interactive session for people willing to learn and work with customized portfolios by sharing knowledge with people.
  • The stock market challenge helps actualize trading in real-life since it has all the stock exchange basics.


  • There are a lot of recessions that result in a decline in the stock market exchange.
  • There is less understanding of the game that makes it hard to transition to stocks’ real world.

6. TrakInvest

TrakInvest is one of the best stock market simulator apps that has copy trades and can help people follow each other interested in trading. It is an example of a free day trading simulator that does not need any commission to jumpstart acquiring skills.


  • The app is essential for beginners who want to acquire skills like placing an order and even practice using the carts to track the trading aspect’s positions.
  • It has many trade exchanges that are used up to ten times the original maximum in most apps.


  • Competition with top traders can discourage a beginner in case they don’t understand the process with ease.
  • The many transactions involved can make it hard for people to transition with ease into the real market.

5. Moneypot

Moneypot is one of the best stock market simulator apps for students in colleges and their university levels. It helps scale people to heights equivalent to those of the experts, and the beginners can analyze the strategies at a safe point without any loss.


  • It is the best alternative for the virtual stock market, and people can practice trading at the comfort of their homes.
  • It has an offer of Rs 2 Lakh that helps beginners, and they won’t have to incur any expenses in trading at their early stages.


  • Managing losses can fail to be taken seriously since it is just a game, and the app can offer solutions that are not realistic.
  • It is not a real-time simulator since it does not match the authentic processes in the market.

4. Moneybhai-Money Control

Moneybhai-Money Control is the best stock market simulator apps used by most people in India. Its popularity makes it possible for people to trust it in perfecting the trading skills that can make it possible to transition into the market.


  • The trading simulator is evident by the ability to invite people and form a competing pattern with them.
  • The large group involved makes training easy and understandable since you get a chance to meet other folks with the same interest.


  • The hidden changes in prices make it hard for people to track progress.
  • Moneybhai is complicated in choosing the ability to buy or sell the stocks since they don’t pay enough attention to the needed limits.

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3. Sensibull-Option Trading and Advice

The traders in this app are the ones that want to seek extra information in understanding the reality that happens with the real market. It is the best Stock Market simulator apps for beginners in India since it involves four experts that are conversant with many ideas. The virtual stock market app is applicable for people on transit since it can be used from a personal mobile phone.


  • It has simple, easy features that are essential for trading in different capacities depending on the person’s level with being an expert.
  • The program is ranked among the best in India due to experts who have already traded with the real accounts.


  • It is a virtual trading tool that requires some cash for the different data tool to be available to the consumers.
  • In most cases, the WhatsApp alerts are disturbing since they can crowd the phone, making the process monotonous.

2. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

It is one of the best stock market simulator apps used by most beginners and wants to invest fake money before making use of real cash. The process involved after subscription uses data and the other steps detail the methods that can make someone an expert.


  • It gives an understating of the real market due to its similarity with real trading options.
  • It offers trading strategies that someone can be successful in future works.


  • The trading journal for the process are not indicated, and it becomes hard to track the losses and profits involved.
  • The simulator app can lack the needed psyche for trading since people already feel that it’s fake.

1. Trading View

Trading View is the best stock market simulator in the market since it is a paper simulator method. It eradicates the risks and makes it possible for people to trade with enough clarity making it possible for people to clarify the various ways to gain from the stock exchange market.


  • It makes trading easy for beginners.
  • The process is guided and detailed for people to transition into the real world.


  • It can use a lot of bundles, making it hard for the people that are financially deprived.

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The Bottom Line

The best stock market simulator apps in India are the ones that offer the best chances for people to learn and integrate the basics in the real exchange world. This article has expounded on some help to most people who aspire to be experts in a risk-free manner. So, this was a detailed article on best stock market simulator apps in India and we will recommend every beginner to at least try these apps once. I hope you like this article and if you have some suggestions feel free to comment below. Your suggestions and feedback are valuable as gold. Peace Out!


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