Are you interested in stock market and want to know which are the best careers in stock market ? Well, this article is for those people who wants to make a career in stock market.

The Indian stock market just like any other stock market in the world has been volatile over the past years. A stock market or in common words share market, is a place where buyers and sellers trade their ownership rights of a company. The trade takes place on specified time 5 days a week. Share prices are constantly changing due to the factors such as supply and demand.


Returns in stocks are greater than other financial instruments and so is the risk. People can make fortunes here but if necessary risk precautions are not taken, they can lose all their money too.

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Opportunities and careers in stock market are endless but so is the effort required to excel. There are a lot of high paying stock market jobs. People can invest their own money in the stock market or can manage the funds of other people.

Best Careers in Stock Market in India

There are quite a few different types of careers in stock market. Most of these require basic to advanced level knowledge of finance. Some are jobs and some can fall under self-run businesses. Following is the detail of these high paying stock market jobs.

1. Stock Broker

  • Education Qualification for Stock Broker- Graduation+ 2 years of experience in a stockbroking firm.
  • Education Qualification for Sub-Broker- Clear Class 12th

Whenever the term stock market appears, a stockbroker is one of the first things that comes to mind. It is one of the most common careers in stock market. A stockbroker serves as an intermediary between the company and the buyer of shares of said company.

The stockbroker is a trading representative who manages the trades of its customers and may give financial and/or investment related advice. You have to clear NISM exam and get a license from SEBI to become a stockbroker. You can get opportunities in stockbroking firms if you are interested in becoming a stockbroker.

2. Professional Stock Investor or Trader

  • Education Qualification- No strict qualification required.

People have been seen to make fortunes by investing in the stock market but also some have lost all their money due to greed and lack of knowledge. As you know only 20% of investors earn a profit, the rest 80% lose their money in the stock market. Proper risk-managed investment in the stock market can give high returns to investors if they know what they are doing.

It is one of the jobs in stock market for freshers with basic knowledge of finance and stock market as well as some study of a few companies. It can be a high earning career in the stock market. You need a lot of patience to understand the world of stock market to become a successful trader or investor.

3. Investment Advisory Services

  • Education Qualification- Graduation in (Finance or Commerce)+ 5 years of experience in any financial institutions.

For careers in stock market, one can choose to be an advisor. An investment advisor is a person of a group of persons who analyze the market and give proper advice regarding sale and purchase of shares to their customers. This requires high study of the market volatility. If you have a strong networking ability and provide good financial planning services then you can make a lucrative career as an Investment advisor. It is mandatory to clear NISM Investment Advisory Certification exam to apply for the SEBI registered investment advisor.

4. Portfolio Manager

  • Education Qualification- CA, CFA or MBA Finance

A portfolio manager provides PMS-Portfolio Management Services to its clients. It is a highly chosen career in stock market. These services include managing the clients’ assets, buying, selling and trading to provide a promised return on investment. One of the stressful jobs in the stock market as it requires good analytical skills and understanding of the market. You can get job opportunities in AMC, Investment banks or brokerage firms.

5. Market Analyst

A market analyst studies the variations in the market, its volatility, past prices and extracts data from news and predicts the future levels of the market. It is a speculative job and requires much attention to detail and foresight. It is also one of the best careers in stock market.

6. Researcher

If you like to read and document, this can be a great career in stock market. Just like in any other sector, financial sector needs a lot of research too. These research are then used by brokers, analysts, manager and others to gain insight regarding the market and make better decisions. A researcher studies the market’s past and present and documents the findings such as patterns and loopholes. It is a very important job in the financial sector.

7. Financial and Equity Analyst

A financial or equity analyst studies the companies whose shares are being traded in the market. He can be analyzing one company or more than one. The goal is to predict the future price movement of the said company or companies.

8. Fund Managers

This includes hedge funds, pension funds and mutual funds. These managers have a high AUM i.e. assets under management. This can turn out to be a very high paying careers in stock market. Their job is to invest this money in different financial instruments to reduce risk and increase returns.

9. Risk Analyst

A risk analyst has a very important job i.e. to analyze risk i.e. volatility in the market and advice his clients on how to reduce the risk by diversification and other techniques. Risk and returns have a direct relation so a risk analyst needs to minimize risk and maximize returns. Based on these analyses investors take actions such as buy/sell.


Salary/Earnings In Stock Market

Due to the different nature and expertise level required for different careers in the stock market, job salary in India vary a lot;

  • For an investor, the earnings depend on how much investment is made and how much risk is being taken. 5%-20% is considered avg return of investors in stock market.
  • A stockbroker salary depends upon the number of clients as it is a percentage of the trading volume of the clients. The starting earnings can be from ₹20,000 – ₹30,000 per month and can increase with time, experience and number of clients.
  • In advisory services, the salary depends upon the place of employment. It starts from ₹20,000 and can go up to ₹100,000 per month and even beyond.
  • For funds managers such as mutual funds, the salary depends upon AUM and the returns per annum. There is no limit to earnings here and these are highly paid jobs if one can provide consistent returns.
  • Overall, the stock market job salary in India starts from ₹15,000-₹25,000 and can go up to ₹80,000-₹120,000 per month and evermore.

Education Qualifications for Careers in Stock Market

Now the question arises how to get a job in the stock market. Apart from a sharp and analytical mind and a deep study of financial markets the minimum requirement is to clear class 12th. Some companies prefer commerce students. But passing class 12th is only a basic level of studies and most will provide low-level jobs. For achieving a better position in the job market higher studies are necessary. Bachelors and Masters degree in subjects like accounting and finance can serve greatly in one’s pursuit of great jobs in the stock market. MBA in finance, chartered accountancy, ACCA, CAF, CMA are some of the best degrees to pursue for a student aspiring to work in stock market-related fields.

Higher-level qualifications will allow the students to gain more knowledge and help them choose the best career according to their capabilities. Apart from theoretical studies, practical degrees play a very important role in grabbing good jobs. Moreover, a deep and continuous study of financial, political and other conditions of economy and country are required for some of the careers in the stock market.

Some of the degrees are listed below;

  • BS Accounting and Finance
  • BBA
  • B.Com
  • MS Accounting and Finance
  • MBA – Finance
  • M.Com
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • CFA
  • CMA
  • ACCA
  • Diplomas and Courses related to Stock Market

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This was a detailed article on the best careers in stock market in India. Advanced level knowledge of finance and deep study of market variations is required to excel in these jobs. Due to the high availability of choices in careers in the stock market, a student should consider his/her compatibility and interests and choose the career path that best suits him/her. If you like the article, make sure to share it with your friends and comment down to give any suggestions.

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